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CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide

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CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide for sale. Buy online CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide in the Anabolic Shop.


CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide for sale. Buy online CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide in the Anabolic Shop.

CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide for sale

CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide for sale is a 30 amino acid petite hormone that is commonly referred to as Growth Hormone R

CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide for sale. Buy online CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide in the Anabolic Shop.

CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide for sale

CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide for sale is a 30 amino acid petite hormone that is commonly referred to as Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH).
Upon creation, CJC 1295’s major function was to boost the synthesis of protein and increase muscle tissue growth, among other benefits.
CJC 1295 is also crucial in assisting in speeding up recovery from injuries, boosting the immune system, cutting down body fat, increasing bone density, and repairing cells of the skin and organs.

When you encounter CJC without the Drug Affinity Complex (DAC), the substance in question is MOD GRF 1-29. This peptide is just a simplified version of the original GRF 1-29 peptide commonly known as Sermorelin. The original GRF 1-29 has an extremely short half-life, which is the reason chemists modified it to extend its biological activity and reduce the metabolic clearance. Even with the modification of the peptide having produced a greater peptide bond, there is still a need for the average user to inject with a GRHP two or three times daily to achieve optimal effectiveness and release endogenous growth hormone.


The introduction of DAC to CJC 1295 enabled a bigger greater possibility for utilisation of smaller Growth Hormone (GH) pulses, which, when combined with a GRHP, activates growth hormone stores to release throughout the day and night. The introduction of the DAC component also increased the peptide’s half-life to about a week and steadied blood levels after an injection.

For persons who prefer to use a shorter dose of GH release, the use of MOD GRF 1-29 or the CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide will give optimal results. On the other hand, if you prefer fewer injections while still striving to unleash the Human Growth Hormone stores, an injection of CJC with DAC one to two times a week along with the daily GHRP injection will maximise the GH release.

CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Reconstituting

1ml Bacteriostatic Water per 2mg peptide. Inject 2,5ml Bacteriostatic Water into the vial. Refrigerate for 10 to 15 minutes.
Should there be any undissolved particles after 15 minutes, rotate the vial carefully between your fingers until all of the powder has dissolved and only a clear liquid is left.

CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide Facts

CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide, is a synthetic analog of the endogenous peptide signaling hormone Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). Endogenously produced GHRH has 44 amino acids in its chain structure. CJC-1295 without DAC is further changed in that it has four substituted aminos in its chain that serve the purposes of preventing degradation and oxidation in manufacture and transport as well as in vivo, while also increasing binding affinity to the GHRH receptors.

Peptide Dosage

CJC 1295 is no doubt the best and most widely used GHRH along with selected GHRP. Like any other peptides, it is a delicate lyophilised powder that ought to be kept away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. To reconstitute, you use Bacteriostatic Water used in injections.

To mimic the natural GH release, MOD GRF 1-29 (CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg) is injected one to three times every  day. The required dose is 100-200mcg along with the selected GHRP. For optimal effect, dosing should be preferably three times a day in cases of low blood sugar, for instance about 30 minutes before taking a meal. In cases where use is continuous, however, a common use is once per day before going to sleep.

CJC 1295 DAC comparison CJC 1295 no DAC

The 2 are both GHRHs. They have the same function in the human body with the only difference being in their half-life span. Modified GRF1-29(CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide) and Sermorelin have a short-acting half-life of 30 minutes, while CJC 1295 DAC has a half-life of up to eight days.

According to some scientists’ reports, modified GRF 1-29 and Sermorelin are more natural since they produce a short pulse of Human Growth Hormone.

CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide Side Effects

CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide side effects are mainly attributed to its stimulation of the pituitary gland.
At first, a surge of GH will occur, sometimes causing vasodilation which is felt as a head rush or euphoria that lasts 30 minutes to 2 hours post-injection.
Other symptoms included water retention, numbness, decreased insulin, tingling, tiredness, feelings of lethargy, and itching.

Positive disadvantage

Increased lean body mass, protein synthesis increase, faster injury recovery, decreased body fat, an increase in bone density, and stimulation of cell activity of internal organs and skin cells.

CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide positive trait

Research has shown that CJC NO DAC can do the following:

It increases the rate of protein synthesis in the body.
Boosts the immune system.
Enhances injury recovery rate.
Suitable for cellular repairs (organs and skin)
Strengthens the bones by increasing their density.
Improves skin elasticity and complexion
You will take less time to regain energy after working out.


CJC-1295 No Dac 5mg Peptide which is also known as MOD GRF 1-29 (DAC stands for Drug Affinity Complex) is a modification of GRF 1-29. With MOD GRF 1-29, GH pulses utilisation is slightly lower compared to using CJC 1295 with DAC.

Therefore, if you prefer shorter growth hormones release spikes, Modified GRF 1-29 is the way to go. On the other hand, if you want fewer injections (2-3 times per week), and yet wish to boost the release of your growth hormone, CJC 1295 with DAC will work better for you.

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